About Us

A Family Business

About Us

At Kings Tailor, we understand both traditional and modern fashion trends. This is what sets us apart from your typical alteration
businesses. We understand that our bodies come in different shapes and sizes. So, we treat our clients and their fashion visions with care and respect. We listen to your alteration needs and offer our artisan expert guidance in achieving that unique look that sets you apart from off-the-rack fashion sizes.

Our Mission

Our mission at Kings Tailor is to create high-quality custom-fitted clothing that’s designed to your exact body shape and size, with sincerity, originality, and pride.

Meet The Owner

Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Business Owner Ramie Kuskyte
As far back as I remember, from a very young age, I was involved in family’s textile manufacturing business. My inspiration was and still is my mum. She has amazing talent and I have learned so much from her. I’ve seen her being very successful as a business woman and at times facing many challenges. Her leadership, resilience and motivation were the best example for me growing up and still up to this day. I’m very lucky to be able to continue the family business that has been passed on through generations. The team we have at the moment are all family and they are very experienced skilled professionals. Our main aim is to provide the best quality to our clients. All the work is carried out at our premises, the ground floor is used for the fittings and the work factory is on the first floor. The most enjoyable part of my work is meeting people. Whether it’s a small or big job I’m very happy to be able to help.
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